Sarracenia flava “405” x ‘Waccamaw' seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia flava “405” x ‘Waccamaw' seeds

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The clone of Sarracenia flava we used in this cross emerges green and matures to a rich beautiful red.  In full sun it can develop red color to the base of the leaf.  Usually the upper half of the leaf is red.   It hails from the Carolinas!

'Waccamaw' likely has Carolina genetics as well.  It emerges red with a yellow throat and continues to develop to a rich burgundy until the leaf begins to fade. 

Because of the Carolina genetics, these seeds will likely produce cold hardy plants.  The will be red, copper or chartreuse!  

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines .