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Sarracenia Parrot x Gulf sweet x White top pitcher plant

$ 45.00

Description:  Sarracenia (psittacina x rubra gulfensis) x leucophylla is an outstanding hybrid created by Jerry Addington. 

It is a complex hybrid with excellent lineage.  Because of its hybrid origin it produces a great show of pitchers in both spring and fall. Its tight clusters of sturdy pink-blushed white leaves visually trend heavily toward leucophylla colors.   

In autumn this vigorous hybrid has sturdy pitchers that reach 20 inches tall with a 3.5 inch wide lid. Spring traps are equally as ornate and slightly smaller.  If you're looking for a Sarracenia to buy that will add white to your garden in the spring and summer then this is for you! 

Pitcher Plant Care: Plant in full sun to part shade outdoors. Use peat moss in a very large planter and keep it wet. In a bog garden, use a mixture of peat moss and sand. It loses its leaves in the winter. Cold hardy to 20F in a pot and 0F in the ground.

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