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How to Build a Bog Garden

A bog garden is one of the best to grow North American pitcher plants, sundews and venus flytraps.  All you need is a very sunny spot, a liner and some peat moss.   During dormancy or in early spring is the best time to transplant.

First, pick your spot.  Choose a flower bed that is very sunny all year.  If it regularly gets near zero degree Fahrenheit where you live then choose a location that is protected from wind.

Next, find a liner.  It can be a plastic storage bin, heavy piece of plastic or kiddie pool.  Dig a hole 10 inches deep and place your liner in.  Then fill your liner with wet peat moss or a wet peat moss and sand mixture.  Plant your plants.

Because your new bog garden holds lots of water, maintenance is easy.  As long as it rains every few weeks you don’t have to do anything.  Water every few weeks in the summer if there is a drought.  Remember, no fertilizer!  The plants catch their own.

Winter care for a bog garden:   If the weather forecast is calling for sub-zero temperatures (in the negatives), then put six inches of pine needles around your plants.  A layer of pine needles is a good idea anyway; it holds in the moisture during the summer!