Sarracenia leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' clone F x 'Adrian Slack' Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' clone F x 'Adrian Slack' Seeds

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Hurricane Creek White is the most sought-after cultivar of Sarracenia leucophylla or "white top pitcher plant". The leaves are brilliant white! There are several clones of this cultivar and "Clone F" is a clear favorite.  It has an amazing shape more white in its leaves than the other clones.  Under optimal conditions the entire top of the pitcher can look pure white with almost no green venation.  Like other white top pitcher plants it makes its largest leaves in late August.

Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ often imparts pastel colors to its offspring.  This cross will yield a good percentage of leucophylla-dominant moorei with really interesting flat lids and narrow hood columns.  Some will be all white that look like 'Hurricane Creek White' with an 'Adrian Slack' shape.  Don't miss out!

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