SUPER SALE!!  Seed mix #5 - Alata color.  ~350 seeds.

SUPER SALE!! Seed mix #5 - Alata color. ~350 seeds.

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This is an 1/8 teaspoon package comprised of 4 hybrids:

  1. S. alata "maroon throat" OP
  2. S. alata "night" O.P.
  3. S. alata "maroon throat" x alata "#1"
  4. S. alata "texas" OP

Sarracenia alata or the pale pitcher plant is one of the largest growing pitcher plant species.  Native to the gulf coast and surrounding areas, it varies dramatically in color and shape.  

These seeds were produced by self pollination, cross pollination and open pollination.  Expect the vast majority of these seeds to produce large, colorful S. alata species plants! does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines.