Sarracenia 'Leuc. x Oreo.' x 'Lunchbox' Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia "leucophylla x oreophila" x 'Lunchbox' Seeds

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Packets of pitcher seeds!  If you're patient and meticulous, growing from seed is a good way to dramatically expand your pitcher garden.  Each packet contains 20 seeds and ships via USPS First Class.  

Sarracenia (Leucophylla x Oreophila) by 'Lunchbox' has some great potential.  Oreophila tends to add cold-hardiness, color and sometimes vigor to its offspring.  Sarracenia leucophylla is white but tends to produces mostly fall leaves. This cross with likely produce a respectable amount spring and fall leaves given its oreophila and flava ancestry. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines.