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Sarracenia Manny Herrera pitcher plant-Flytrap King

Sarracenia Manny Herrera pitcher plant

$ 65.00

Description:  Sarracenia 'Manny Herrera' is a hybrid that was found growing naturally in Washington county Alabama by Manny Herrera.  Its suspected lineage is Sarracenia purpurea x Sarracenia alata. 

'Manny Herrera' is a wonderful hybrid that emerges in the spring with golden-yellow pitchers and red veining.  Throughout the growing season the venation becomes more prominent, turning the leaves a solid reddish-purple.  Veins in the large ruffled hoods remain visible as the pitcher darkens.  This is one of the best compact wild plants.  It is very reminiscent of Sarracenia purpurea in its shape and color.

A medium size plant, expect its pitchers to grow to 16 inches tall with a 4 inch hood.   It looks its best in fall.  'Manny Herrera' will be a great addition to any collection. 

Pitcher Plant Care:  Plant 'Manny Herrera' in full sun to part shade outdoors. Use peat moss and perlite in a very large planter and keep it wet. In a bog garden, use a mixture of peat moss and sand. It loses its leaves in the winter. Cold hardy to 20F in a pot and 0F in the ground.

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