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Sarracenia "Wilkerson's Red Rocket" Pitcher Plant

$ 175.00

Description:  Sarracenia "Wilkerson’s Red Rocket" is a leucophylla that was found growing on the Wilkerson’s property in Walton county Florida, introduced into cultivation by Brooks Garcia.  Pitcher plants for sale from this location are coveted by gardeners for their size, unique shape and outstanding coloration. 

Unlike many Sarracenia leucophylla, this superior clone produces both spring and fall pitchers which are both tall and sturdy. The upper third of the pitchers are brilliant red and clean white.  

Sarracenia "Wilkerson's Red Rocket" is very slow growing.  As such, it is rare in cultivation.  Spring pitchers often approach 2 feet, while fall traps reach upwards of 32 inches with a 3 three inch mouth . What this plant lacks in vigor, it makes up for in size and brilliance of color.  

Pitcher Plant Care:  Plant in full sun to part shade outdoors. Use peat moss and perlite in a very large planter and keep it wet. In a bog garden, use a mixture of peat moss and sand. It goes dormant and loses its leaves in the winter. Cold hardy to 20F in a pot and 0F in the ground.

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