Sarracenia (alata black x flava red) x flava "Burnt Red" seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia (alata black x flava red) x flava "Burnt Red" seeds

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Notably, S. alata "black" x flava "red" is a sibling to lovely Phil Falisi hybrid ‘Black Widow’. It emerges in spring infused with yellow and matures to solid burgundy. The top notch color and size make up for the fact that it doesn't make many leaves.  

Flava "Burnt Red" is an awesome clone of flava var. cuprea with leaves that are, burnt red in color, a full mature pot of this clone is truly a spectacular sight, and like all flava it produces its best leaves in spring.

Crossing alata black x flava red to flava "Burnt Red" will result in lots of flava dominant looking plants with amazing red colors to them and we've noticed that some of these backcrosses result in plants that typically produce spring dominant leaves like flava, will have a better set of late summer leaves because of the small amount of alata in it, which produces its best leaves in the fall.

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