Sarracenia (leucophylla "purple lips" x flava var ornata) x flava "purple nurple" seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia (leucophylla "purple lips" x flava var ornata) x flava "purple nurple" seeds

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Sarracenia leucophylla "purple lips" x S. flava var. ornata is a very desirable example of one of the most popular and largest pitcher plant crosses, white top x trumpet.  Growing to 34 inches tall, it is notable for its fast growth and stunning mottled purple color.  Expect it to produce a strong crop of pitchers in both the spring and summer!  This is hands down one of our favorite plants in the nursery.  This spectacular plant was produced by Phil Faulisi and is the same parentage as S. ‘Saurus’, S. ‘Vintner’s Treasure’ and  S. “Super Heavy Veins”.

Sarracenia flava "purple nurple" is an intensely-rich colored plant we grew from open pollinated seed.  It is slow-growing but worth the wait.  

This cross will likely yield a large percentage of huge purple moorei.  If you're interested in growing your pitcher plant garden to the next level, then these seeds are for you!  

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines .