Sarracenia [(psittacina x rubra gulfensis) x leucophylla] x "Krimzn Tide" Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia [(psittacina x rubra gulfensis) x leucophylla] x "Krimzn Tide" Seeds

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Sarracenia (psittacina x rubra gulfensis) x leucophylla is an outstanding complex hybrid created by Jerry Addington.  Because of its hybrid origin it produces a great show of pitchers in both spring and fall. Its tight clusters of sturdy pink-blushed white leaves visually trend heavily toward leucophylla colors.   In autumn this vigorous hybrid has sturdy pitchers that reach 20 inches tall with a 3.5 inch wide lid. Spring traps are equally as ornate and slightly smaller.  It imparts early white and vigor to its offspring.

Sarracenia "Krimzin Tide" is a cross between 'Leah Wilkerson' and flava rubricorpora made by Fred P and looks a lot like a rubricorpora until you take a closer look and notice the cream color on the top of the hood and the other subtle features that make this plant a desired clone. This plant makes its best leaves in the spring.

The offspring from this cross should be highly variable with lots of reds and whites with unique shapes and well balanced seasonally in terms of producing leaves in both spring and autumn. If you like great garden plants that make loads of leaves, and if you like seedlings that show their true colors early, then this is for you!

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