Sarracenia 'Waccamaw' x 'Saurus' Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia 'Waccamaw' x 'Saurus' Seeds

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The cultivar description for S. 'Saurus' states that "it is a a true beast of a pitcher plant reaching towering heights of 33" to 39".... the overall girth and heftiness of this cultivar carries its weight as one of the biggest man made ever."

Sarracenia 'Waccamaw' is the most beautiful example of flava var. atropurpurea. It is originally from Green Swamp, North Carolina and was was imported to New Zealand by Christchurch Botanical Gardens in the 1980's. ... It is by far, the most attractive Sarracenia flava in cultivation.

Expect the offspring from these two legendary plants to be flava-dominant in growth habit and very attractive deep, rich colors.  Go home with a packet of these seeds to take your garden to the next level!

If you're patient and meticulous, growing from seed is a good way to dramatically expand your pitcher garden.  Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines .