Sarracenia "White scorpion" x leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek" clone F Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia "White scorpion" x leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek" clone F Seeds

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Sarracenia "White Scorpion" grows to 30" tall, is very bright white, and has an excellent spring and fall show.  We purchased this as an unlabeled hybrid seedling from Jerry Addington.  This is one of our favorite white plants.  It is a great size and, likely due to its hybrid origin, very reliably bright white.  "White Scorpion" produces a large fall show.

Hurricane Creek White is the most sought-after cultivar of Sarracenia leucophylla or "white top pitcher plant". The leaves are brilliant white! There are several clones of this cultivar and "Clone F" is a clear favorite.  It has an amazing shape and more white in its leaves than some other clones.  Under optimal conditions the entire top of the pitcher can look pure white with almost no green venation.  If you're looking for a big shapely plant with lots of white, this is it. Like other white top pitcher plants it makes its largest leaves in late August.

Both of these plants have copious amounts of white and unique shapes and decent size.  These seeds should produce an array of complex looking plants with lots of white, so what are you waiting for? Put them in the cart! 

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