SUPER SALE!!  Seed mix #18 - more moorei~350 seeds.

SUPER SALE!! Seed mix #18 - more moorei~350 seeds.

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This is an 1/8 teaspoon package comprised of 4 hybrids:

  1. S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x "Wilkerson's White Knight"
  2. S. flava var rubricorpora x "Wilkerson's Red Rocket"
  3. S. (leucophylla "purple lips" x flava var ornata) x "Wilkerson's Red"
  4. S. leucophylla "Cronus" x flava var. rubricorpora

This mix is every Sarracenia moorei enthusiast's dream.  The hand-pollinated seeds that comprise this packet include the cross of two wild moorei, one moorei back-crossed to red flava, a wild moorei crossed to a nursery creation, and the primary hybrid of leucophylla and flava.  Wow.  Tall and handsome is where its at. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines.