SUPER SALE!!  Seed mix #4 - Tall species.  ~350 seeds.

SUPER SALE!! Seed mix #4 - Tall species. ~350 seeds.

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This is an 1/8 teaspoon package comprised of 4 hybrids:

  1. S. alata "maroon throat" OP
  2. S. flava var rugelii O.P.
  3. S. leucophylla "albino" OP
  4. S. flava var ornata OP

White top, trumpet and pale pitcher plants are the tallest of them all.  These open pollinated seeds were produced by cross pollinating and self pollinating, then letting the bees have their way with the flowers.  

Expect the vast majority of these seeds to produce large, colorful species plants! does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines.