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Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora "Red Tube" Trumpet Pitcher Plant

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Description:  Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora is a red form of the trumpet pitcher plant, commonly referred to as "red tube trumpet pitcher".   With its size and deep color contrast, it is a highly desirable plant. Leaves are often solid maroon with yellow lids marked with red veins. Mouths are also yellow with varying degrees of red veining and throat blotching on the column.  Mature leaves on some clones are solid burgundy on the entire tube and mouth, while other clones retain some yellows.  This color form differs from Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea which emerge solid red and do not have yellow on the top of their lids.   Plant it with Sarracenia flava var. rugelii for a bold color contrast or Sarracenia leucophylla x rubra ssp. gulfensis for a contrast in color, shape and time of year that it is peak.    

As with all trumpet pitchers, Sarracenia flava var. rubriorpora produces its largest pitchers in spring. Newly emerging leaves are often red with a yellow top even before they open. Leaves are sturdy and strong, growing to 2 feet or more with 4 inch lids depending on clone. Red phyllodia are produced in summer and fall.

Pitcher Plant Care:  Plant in full sun to part shade outdoors. Use peat moss in a very large planter and keep it wet. In a bog garden, use a mixture of peat moss and sand. It loses its leaves in the winter. Cold hardy to 20F in a pot and 0F in the ground.

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