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Growing Tips

You've planted your first pitcher plants in peat moss in a big pot.  You placed the pot outside in full sun to part shade and kept it wet.  Now you want to know how to grow them even bigger!

  1. Keep the roots cool.  Plants in a flower bed stay the coolest.  A bowl-shaped pot sitting in a shallow dish of water is second coolest.  If needed, place the pot in part shade for hottest part of the summer.
  2. Use quality water.  Rainwater is best.  Well water is second best.  Remove the chlorine from municipal water by placing it in the sun for an hour.  Hard well water should be used sparingly.  Rainwater from above rinses out harmful minerals.
  3. Monitor for pests and diseases.  Close observation and early detection is key.
  4. Try different media.  Try professional grade peat moss instead of consumer grade.  Make your own mix with  50% perlite, 50% peat by volume. Or try inert or acidic media like pine bark, pine needles, vermiculite.
  5. Keep your experiments small.  Test new chemicals or growing techniques on a few plants.  Wait at least a month to determine whether it was a success.
  6. Enjoy yourself.  Don't obsess about achieving perfection.  Gardening is supposed to be fun!