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Sarracenia flava var. cuprea - "Copper Top" Trumpet Pitcher

$ 15.00

Description:  Sarracenia flava var. cuprea, or "copper top trumpet pitcher plant" is a very-large growing North American pitcher plant, with excellent spring color. Like all trumpet pitcher plants, copper top pitcher plant produces its most attractive foliage and large yellow flowers in the spring. New leaves exhibit a rich copper color, fading to yellow-green.  

This is Flytrap King Nursery's select clone.  Like a few of our other choice pitcher plants for sale, like Sarracenia Waccamaw and Sarracenia Supermax, this copper top is a North Carolina trumpet pitcher.  

Pitcher Plant Care: Plant your Sarracenia in full sun to part shade outdoors. Use a peat moss, perlite mix in a very large planter and keep it wet. In a bog garden, use a mixture of peat moss and sand. It loses its leaves in the winter. Cold hardy to 20F in a pot and 0F in the ground.

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