Sarracenia ('Blood Moon' x 'Kilimanjaro') x 'Adrian Slack' Seeds-Flytrap King

Sarracenia 'Dragon Queen' x 'Adrian Slack' Seeds

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'Dragon Queen' is one of our favorite plants in the nursery!  The huge crop of spring leaves are orange with yellow spots on top.  In mid September it produces an equally large crop of leaves that are more burgundy. It has so many desirable traits that it is a Sarracenia gardener's delight.  The large, colorful S. x moorei genetics from "Blood Moon" are combined with the exceptionally fast, clumping growth habit of rubra and psittacina from 'Kilimajaro'.  This outstanding plant was produced by Wes Buckner.  

Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ is arguably one of the most popular and best looking pitcher plants available.  It is named after a legend in early Sarracenia hybridization, Adrian Slack.  This plant has a statuesque appearance, taking its shape from its Sarracenia flava heritage and color from its leucophylla side. The lid is heavily veined with deep red against a mostly white background, supported by a thin spotted column. The well-shaped mouth is red to pink.  Strong veining with white areoles extend down the tube, transitioning to green. 

Using 'Adrian Slack' to make seeds with is always exciting.  Crossing it to red plants often yields pastel colored seedlings.  Crossed to this clone of 'Blood Moon' x 'Kilimanjaro' is going to create some seedlings that will knock your socks off!  We expect lots of different looks from this set from lots of white lids and throat markings with veins to solid red and plenty of vigor.

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