Sarracenia 'Saurus'  x 'Yellow Hornet' seeds

Sarracenia 'Saurus' x 'Yellow Hornet' seeds

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S. 'Saurus' crosses tend to make richly-colored seedlings that have the "architectural" spring leaf shape that 'Saurus' has.  Its parentage is S. leucophylla "Purple Lips" x flava var. ornata, the same as S. 'Hot Lips'. 

The parentage of S. 'Yellow Hornet' is S. 'Hot Lips' x 'Adrian Slack'.   That makes S. 'Yellow Hornet' a first cousin of S. 'Saurus'!  

Sarracenia seeds yield a high percentage of plants that have characteristics of one or both parents.  Blow up your garden!

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. does not offer customer support for seed-growing plants.  Please click here for some helpful guidelines.